The much-anticipated HATSA KIDS Camp had a successful launch earlier today as young participants dove headfirst into the Chamorro hut building process. The camp’s mission, to connect the younger generation with their Chamorro roots, was in full swing from the outset.

Under the guidance of community figures, Tun Guelo and Pat Ayuyu, the children engaged in a series of hands-on activities. Parents who attended expressed satisfaction, noting their children’s productivity and the attentiveness they displayed throughout the day.

Sarah Camacho, the program manager, mentioned her positive take on the day’s activities. “It’s encouraging to see the response from the kids,” she noted, “Their genuine interest and commitment to the activities, particularly the teachings of Tun Guelo and Pat Ayuyu, made the day’s events run smoothly.”

Central to the camp’s activities was the Chamorro language, integrated seamlessly into every task. The participants, while setting up the primary pillars of the hut, learned and used Chamorro terms. They were also introduced to traditional slinging and participated in practical tasks such as pounding sticks to remove bark.

The camp also emphasized basic life skills. Apart from the construction tasks, kids learned the significance of cleaning up after themselves, reinforcing the importance of individual responsibility. The collaborative nature of the activities also highlighted the value of teamwork.

Reflecting on the day, both program directors and instructors expressed optimism for the coming days. With such a strong start, the HATSA KIDS Camp promises to be a beneficial experience for its young participants, offering them a deeper connection to Chamorro culture and values.