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Explore Chamorro Culture through Hut Building with Master Guelo

Program Highlights

Hands-On Experience

Under Master Guelo’s guidance, children will build a traditional Chamorro hut, gaining invaluable practical skills and a tangible connection to their culture.

Language Learning

We incorporate the Chamorro language into every activity, immersing children in the beauty and intricacy of their ancestral language.

Environmental Stewardship

As children gather materials and build their huts, they also learn the importance of respecting and preserving nature.

About Master Guelo

Master Guelo, our leading instructor, is a respected elder and craftsman in the Chamorro community. His years of experience and deep love for Chamorro traditions make him the perfect guide for your children during this enriching journey.


Learn more about Chamorro Heritage, Culture, and History

Don’t let your child miss this incredible opportunity to connect with their heritage, learn valuable skills, and create unforgettable memories. Register now for the upcoming HATSA KIDS program and let them take their first steps into the captivating world of Chamorro culture.

Contact Information

For further details or any questions, feel free to reach us via email. We look forward to guiding your child on this transformative cultural journey.