As Guam’s summer months come to an end, a wave of excitement is rippling across our island community. This anticipation surrounds a unique and promising opportunity for our children and families: the HATSA KIDS Camp.

Designed to foster a deep connection to Chamorro culture, the HATSA KIDS Camp is not just another summer activity but a cultural bridge, linking our younger generation with the rich heritage that defines Guam.

The camp, guided by the wisdom and expertise of Master Builder Guelo Rosario, focuses on a hands-on approach. Under Guelo’s watchful eye and staff, children between the ages of 5 and 13 will learn to build a traditional Chamorro hut. This experience goes far beyond mere construction; it’s about rekindling a tangible connection with our ancestral practices and understanding how our forefathers lived in harmony with the land.

But the learning doesn’t stop at craftsmanship. One of the standout features of this program is the incorporation of the Chamorro language into every activity. In a world where our native languages are at risk of fading away, the HATSA KIDS Camp recognizes the beauty and intricacy of the Chamorro language, making it accessible and vibrant for our young ones. Language is the soul of culture, and this program ensures that our children can converse with their heritage.

The camp’s timing, every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, from August 15th to September 18th, allows working parents to introduce their children to this unique cultural experience. Best of all, this extraordinary journey is free, opening doors for many families who wish to connect with their roots but might be limited by financial constraints.

The excitement surrounding the HATSA KIDS Camp is well-founded. By aligning with the island’s growing movement to revive and honor Chamorro culture, it ensures that our children grow up with a strong sense of identity. They’ll carry forward the traditional knowledge that defines who we are as a people, enriching not only themselves but our community as a whole.

Parents, too, will reap the benefits, as they witness their children’s newfound appreciation and understanding of Chamorro heritage. Family conversations may take on new depth, new meaning, as the lessons learned at camp spill into everyday life.

The HATSA KIDS Camp signifies more than a mere event. It represents hope, continuity, and a heartfelt celebration of our Chamorro identity. As the first day approaches, we are not just anticipating a camp; we are looking forward to a cultural awakening, one child at a time.

To join this summer’s cultural exploration, families are encouraged to register their children at Together, let’s embark on a journey back to our roots, building, learning, and growing with the heart and soul of Chamorro culture. Biba Chamorro!